Front Office


Chief Executive Officer Brett D. Yormark
Chief Operating Officer Fred Mangione
General Manager Stephen Rosebrook
Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer Marie Chindamo
Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative & Relationship Officer Leo Ehrline
Executive Vice President, Business Affairs & Chief Legal Officer Jeff Gewirtz
Executive Vice President, Business Operations & Chief Financial Officer Charlie Mierswa
Executive Vice President & Chief Communications Officer Barry Baum
Executive Vice President, Global Partnerships Mike Zavodsky
Chief Strategy Officer, Suite and Ticket Sales Brian Basloe
Senior Vice President, Event Marketing & Community Relations Petra Pope
Senior Vice President, Global Marketing Elisa Padilla
Senior Vice President, Global Partnerships Chris Brahe
Senior Vice President, Global Partnerships Andrew Schwartz
Senior Vice President, Partnership Marketing Josh Pruss
Senior Vice President, Programming Sean Saadeh


Executive Assistant, Chief Executive Officer Theresa Alaimo
Executive Assistant, Global Partnerships Kristin Ochs
Junior Assistant Summer Dickey
Executive Assistant to the General Manager and Assistant General Manager Jaime Stephenson
Executive Assistant to EVP, Bus Ops/CFO  EVP, Human Resources Paul Nedorostek
Executive Assistant to Chief Operating Officer and EVP & Chief Administrative & Relationship Officer Carolyn Seras



Vice President, Global Marketing Randy Lewis
Senior Director, Creative & Content Management Jeff Gamble
Director, Global Marketing Emily Rand
Director, Corporate Sponsorship Development Andrew Newman
Assistant Director, Business Strategy & Analytics Mike Shear
Senior Manager, Global Marketing Kristen Connolly
Manager, Broadcast and Digital Tom Kolker
Community Manager Mia Hall
Publications Manager Andrew Pearson
Creative Project Manager Stephanie Greenberg
Manager, Creative Services Justin A. Baier
Manager, Global Merchandising Catherine McKeown
Video Manager Brendan Awerbuch
Assistant Manager, Global Merchandising Gina Mercatili
Videographer Arya Rossman
Senior Beat Writer Lenn Robbins
Senior Graphic Designer Aaron Brown
Graphic Designer Leon Hunter
Junior Designer Danielle Hunter
Web Producer Demetris Sapp
Web Developer/Designer Kyle Plonchak
Ticket Sales Analyst Jason Donders
Coordinator, Corporate Sponsorship Development Kristen Scheitrum
Coordinator, Marketing Craig Manfra
Coordinator, Marketing Solutions Mark Iandolo
Social Media Coordinator Kathryn Przybyla
Social Media Coordinator Kari Culver


Senior Director, Partnership Marketing Tracy Sigler
Director, Partnership Marketing Howard Seif
Director, Partnership Marketing Christopher Zumbrennen
Director, Partnership Marketing Ashley Kahler
Marketing Strategist Eva Hoffman
Account Executive, Partnership Marketing Greggory Moran
Account Executive, Partnership Marketing Jeff Doyle
Account Executive, Partnership Marketing and Hospitality Manager Illiana Blackshear
Account Coordinator, Partnership Marketing Samson Feldman


Vice President, Global Partnerships Mark Toffolo
Director, Global Partnerships Jeff Lesser
Manager, Corporate Sales Adam Greenfield
Global Sales Associate Jeanette Neary


Vice President and Assistant General Counsel Kari Cohen
Manager, Legal Services Christopher Harrington


Director, Communications Mandy Gutmann
Communications Coordinator Hannah Stember


Senior Manager, Premium Partnerships Lawrence Sauer
Senior Manager, Premium Partnerships Preetam Sen
Senior Manager, Suite Services Erin Leach
Manager of Premium Partnerships Jeremy Erber
Manager of Premium Partnerships Ross Grill
Manager of Premium Partnerships Ara Sarajian
Account Executive, Suite Services Kate Mooney
Manager, Finance and Suite Analysis Julian Winkler


Vice President, Ticket Sales John Baier
Director, Ticket Sales Emmanuel Jacobo
Senior Manager, Sports Ticketing Operations Gregory Sobin
Account Executive, Ticket Sales Brian Frankel
Account Executive, Ticket Sales Lauren Garan
Account Executive, Ticket Sales Andrew Gilberti
Account Executive, Ticket Sales Ariel Kostrinsky
Account Executive, Ticket Sales Ryan Moore
Account Executive, Ticket Sales Jake Weinstein
Account Executive, Ticket Sales Steven Weiss
Coordinator, Ticket Sales Lauren Herzlich


Senior Director, Human Resources Rosemarie Milano
Human Resources Manager Katherine Lewin
Senior Human Resources Generalist Michael Combs
Human Resources Generalist Justin Thomas


Senior Director, Box Office Aaron Corso
Senior Manager, Box Office Vito Salamone
Manager, Box Office Daniel Cleff


Senior Director, Event Services Andrew Hirsh
Director, Event Operations Lewis Gibbons
Director, Events Production Robert Castronovo
Manager, Premium Events Arianna Kane
Manager, Event Services Colleen Shea


Controller Deborah Holden
Director, Finance Zane Parry
Senior Accounting Manager Daniel Jacobsen
Senior Accounting Manager Victoria Mihulka
Senior Financial Analyst Marcos Perez


Assistant General Manager Raul Gutierrez
Senior Director, Guest and Security Services Jason Sandoval
Senior Manager, Guest Services Brittanie Roldan
Manager, Guest Services Eboni Wilson


Senior Director, Operations Matt Felker
Senior Director, Facilities Presentation Logan Meier
Senior Director, Information Technology Travis Sampson
Senior Manager, Arena Operations Michael Henderson
Manager, Conversions Greg Tuba
Manager, Quality Control Alex Roman
Manager, Facilities William Falls


Senior Director, Booking Tyler Bates
Senior Director, Event Finance & Development Jordan Harding
Director of Sports Programming Ed Manetta
Event Finance Analyst Peter Kirschenbaum
Booking Assistant Alanna Scrivano


Senior Manager, Traffic Bavan Nandakumar
Manager, Security Daniel Hare
Manager, Security LaNiece Tyree



Director, Human Resources Wendy Woolfork
Director of Operations Marco Fabozzi
Assistant Director of Operations Greg Costa
Executive Chef Levy Restaurants Alphonse Lanza


Behind the Scenes

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